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Caroline Vincent

I love enabling authors & entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best  ... writing & creating!

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Social Media & Publicity Services

Do you wish you could write whenever you wanted to? Have you spent yet another hour on social media to promote your books and wished it would be easier and less time-consuming?

That is where I come in. I take care of those distracting but oh-so-necessary tasks so you can concentrate on what you want to do most and what you do best: writing.


Editing Services

Services include (but are not limited to) proofreading, editing - copy, line, developmental - and manuscript advice as well as advice on documents, blurbs, submission papers and more.

We will perfectly typeset your manuscript so it is ready to be uploaded and printed.

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Publishing Services

A complete package for your road to publishing. You write the book – we do the rest.

For a hassle-free journey, trust us with your manuscript – we will take care of it all so you can focus on what you do best… write!

Why Choose Me?

Passionate about Your Books

  • Pushing The Envelope

  • Fastidious

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What My Clients Say

Thanks to her professional guidance, social media support, manuscript advice, proofreading, and pure enthusiasm the books have gone from strength to strength.

Malcolm Hollingdrake

Author of The Harrogate Crime Series, Bridging the Gulf

Caroline Vincent makes everything she touches better. Fortunately for me, that applied to my books. Each one is so much more tighter for it. I hand her a good story and she makes it a great one.

Shervin Jamali

Author of Metaphysical & Thriller Fiction

Caroline’s attention to detail is impressive as is her knowledge of the market. Caroline’s graphics and promotions are, in my opinion, without equal. She has experience in proofreading, marketing, and book promotion. Her services are invaluable in producing the best books I can.

Ross Greenwood

Author of Psychological & Crime Thrillers


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