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Agatha Christie

I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow; but through it all, I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.

Dame Agatha Christie

Queen of Crime

Agatha Christie… what a lady! From the age of twelve, I started reading her books and loved them. The intrigue, the crimes, but most of all the psychology behind it all. And the carefully crafted characters, of course.

Agatha Christie embodies the free spirit I always longed to be — the free spirit who accepts who she is and lives her life fully. Passionately.

Discovering new horizons and fully embracing, nay, actively searching for all that life has to offer.

It may have taken me a while but, dear lady, not only am I following your footsteps, I’m creating my own!

Even more, I am now also discovering new reads, music, (in)sights, and food as well as pursuing my dream: writing.

Reading feels like discovering new worlds, broadening horizons, and connecting to new characters, insights, thoughts, and writers to love.

My passion for words and the many books I’ve read were the foundation for my book blog, filled with book reviews, author interviews, and more.

I took it one step further and turned my love for the written word into my business of working with authors. I believe the creation of a book, writing, is art. One I hugely admire. One I want to support with the professional editing services I provide.

The many ARCs (advanced readers copies) publishers sent me made me realise I have an eye for detail, I spot editing mistakes, and I love editing manuscripts. Combine that with starting your life all over — this time doing a job that does not feel like a job because I love what I’m doing — and here I am now: editing manuscripts, creating books from video transcripts and tutorials; making words come alive. I love it.

Your manuscript is your creation, your voice — my professional services & advice are there to enhance your writing.

Your manuscript is your creation, your voice — my professional services & advice are there to enhance your writing.

As someone who has entrusted her own words onto paper, who has discovered the pleasure and satisfaction of writing, I fully understand how important your writing is to you.

My strength is building a relationship with a client. Showing and sharing my passion for words and writing, and why I love my job — why I respect writers’ creativity, imagination, and ability to put together an intricate plot and give readers characters to empathise with.

Building a relationship, in whatever form it comes, is about trust, reciprocating openness, creating a connection. A common goal and a shared interest in and a love for words and writing.

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