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Do you wish you could write, be creative, whenever you wanted to? Have you spent yet another hour on social media to promote your products, wishing it would be easier and less time-consuming?

There’s so much to do; like updating your website, writing a blog post (when was the last time you wrote one?), managing your business pages on social media, sending out interesting tweets…

That is where I come in. I take care of those distracting but oh-so-necessary tasks so you can concentrate on what you want to do most and what you do best: being creative.

Social Media Support & Community Management

  • Bespoke brand – unique visual social media style guide
  • Business website & management
  • Engaging content & graphics custom for each specific social media platform
  • Create, manage & update your social media profiles & accounts
  • Interact with readership and/or customers on your behalf
  • Reach out to customers & press for: *reviews *guest posts & QAs

Website Building & Maintenance

If you have no website, I can help you build a (WordPress-based) website. The only thing you have to do is, have a contract with a hosting company and purchase a domain name.
The rest is up to me, such as:

  • Find your perfect theme
  • Design a colour scheme according to your preferred colours
  • Backup
  • Images


Advice on:

  • Your social-media profile and how to handle social media
  • Your website and acebook page, plus, for authors, your author page on Amazon/GoodReads and more
  • The blurb/cover for your book and anything to go with it
  • All things related

For information and fees for custom monthly packages, products such as website blog posts, graphics, book covers, and more, please, get in touch via the contact form below.

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